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TESTIMONIALS (contact details available on request) PERSONAL “I decided to change my career path and subscribed in some recruitment agencies. I must say the approach of CERTIO was very different compared to other agencies. CERTIO made the difference by their personal approach of the assigned consultant. I received a lot of vacancies from other agencies which were in line with my history but not matching my expectations. At CERTIO, the consultant gave priority to my future expectations regarding a new job opportunity. I was supported by CERTIO’s consultant during the whole selection procedure and it was an instant hit. I started a job really matching my expectations at a stable employer with a culture fit regarding my personality. Great work and thanks CERTIO!” PUNCTUAL & CORRECT “Like many recruitment agencies do, I was approached by CERTIO through LinkedIn. It was a very professional approach, engagements were followed-up correctly and administration went smoothly. It's a real pleasure to work with CERTIO, they showed their commitment and flexibility. Do not hesitate to work with CERTIO!” TO THE POINT “ I didn’t know CERTIO when I started my search for a new job. I was approached by them and the consultant I worked with gave a comfortable feeling as from the start of the process. Their approach is very personal, commitments are always delivered and the communication is very transparent and to the point. I never met a recruitment agency with such a commitment to support a candidate in finding a new job. Keep on working this way!” PRO-ACTIVE “ Together with my husband, we moved back to Belgium after 2 years having worked and lived in South-Africa because my husband’s job, back to Belgium. Being pregnant and not yet looking for new opportunities, CERTIO showed to be pro-active in finding a job for me. I met CERTIO at their offices to explain my situation and expectations in finding a new job after my pregnancy. CERTIO did their research and proposed me some opportunities which resulted in a signed contract. Thanks to CERTIO's pro-active approach, I can look forward to our first baby and enjoy this period without any worries.”